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Extensive Rating Coverage

Rating History of over 65,000 entities covering all seven Credit Rating Agencies

Rating Rationales

Detailed rating reports of over 2800 CARE rated entities and Press release of over 10,000 CARE rated entities

Wide Industry Coverage

Over 65,000 companies classified under 120+ industries

Portfolio Service

Facility of creating multiple portfolios of companies with timely email alert on rating actions

Filtering Tools

Industry comparison tool, Director based search, Bank based search, Financial query builder and Query builder with filtering based on agency, rating, instrument type, location & financial attributes

About us

CareEdge Ratings (CARE Ratings Ltd) commenced operations in April 1993 and in over 27 years, it has established itself as one of the leading credit rating agencies in India.

CareEdge Ratings has emerged as the leading agency for covering many rating segments including manufacturing, infrastructure, financial sector including banks, non-financial services, among others. The company has an established track record of rating companies over almost three decades and has had a pivotal role to play in developing bank debt and capital market instruments including CPs, corporate bonds and debentures, and structured credit.

CareEdge is recognized for being a knowledge-based group and provides near real-time research on all domestic and global economic developments. Special studies and surveys are also undertaken on different subjects. The Industry Research team tracks and publishes sector reports on an on-going basis.

CareEdge Ratings' (CARE Ratings Ltd.) wholly-owned subsidiaries include CareEdge Advisory & Research and CareEdge Risk Solutions Pvt Ltd (CRSPL).

In the global arena CARE Ratings Ltd. is a partner in ARC Ratings, an international credit rating agency. The company also has subsidiaries in Mauritius ‘CareEdge Ratings (Africa) Private Limited (CRAF)’ and in Nepal ‘CareEdge Ratings Nepal’. The company has a strategic alliance with Japan Credit Ratings Agency (JCR) and MoU with Russian rating agency ACRA.


"To be a respected company that provides best - in its field - quality and value services”


To offer a range of high-quality services to all the stakeholders in the capital market.

To build a pre-eminent position for ourselves in India in securities analysis, research and information services and to be an international credit rating agency